YCW Dinghy Regatta 2015

Dates 11th & 12th July 2015

Notice of Race

Online entry

Sailing Instructions 2015 (coming soon)


Please send a BACS payment to our bank account quoting your Entry Reference which can found on the confirmation email.

Account name: Yacht Clubs of Weymouth
Account Number: 00021673
Sort Code: 30-99-56
Reference: Your Entry Referencefound on the confirmation email

Remember last year -
here are the results and some photos to help

2014 Results
2014 Saturday Osprey Photos
2014 Saturday Imogen Course Photos

Entries - Weymouth Dinghy Regatta


Class starts may be offered depending on entry numbers

HostClassBoat typeBoat nameSail #ClubEntered
CCSCTBCLaserPiscean Magic125425castle Cove001 3rd July
CCSCTBCContenderElopeGBR2447Lancing Sailing Club003 2nd July
CCSCTBCInternational canoeSka'd For Life321Blithfield004 1st July
CCSCTBCPhantomPhantom1211Downs SC005 1st July
CCSCTBCLaserBoat188440Covenham SC006 30th June
CCSCTBCFireballMad Scow14612Covenham SC007 30th June
CCSCTBCContenderRabbiting OnGBR2477Oxford008 30th June
CCSCTBCRS100Ready Salted365castle Cove Sailing Club009 30th June
CCSCTBCDevoti D-one-2Castle Cove sailing club 010 29th June
CCSCTBCLaser 4.7-197905Castle Cove Sailing Club011 28th June
CCSCTBCRS 200Sassy224Parkstone Yacht Club012 28th June
CCSCTBCScorpionGroden Mistress1858Starcross013 27th June
CCSCTBCLaser RadialImpending Doom!163058Castle Cove Sailing Club014 27th June
CCSCTBCEnterpriseEnlightenment22523Midland Sailing Club015 26th June
CCSCTBCScorpionJust Crackers1892Castle Cove Sailing Club017 25th June
CCSCTBCMerlin RocketShabazzle3729Lyme Regis SC018 24th June
CCSCTBCDevoti D ZeroPointlessGBR 116Lyme Regis S C Ltd019 22nd June
CCSCTBCOspreyOh Spray!1311Blithfield SC020 21st June
CCSCTBCFireballNot so peculiar15086Lyme Regis021 21st June
CCSCTBCPhantomPhoenix1138Covenham SC022 21st June
CCSCTBCCherubExultant Jubilation3206Thornbury on Chew023 21st June
CCSCTBCMerlin RocketRed Mistress3759Castle Cove SC024 19th June
CCSCTBCPhantom Boaty McBoaterson1348Castle Cove Sailing Club025 18th June
CCSCTBCRS 200Silver Surfer1381Castle Cove026 18th June
CCSCTBCCherubDan's Boat2700Draycote Water027 18th June
CCSCTBCCherubCheese before bedtime2645HISC028 18th June
CCSCTBCKestrelRed October1594Sutton Bingham029 17th June
WSCTBCLaser Radial-------189386Weymouth Sailing Club030 17th June
CCSCTBCOspreyFrustration 1273Castle Cove SC031 15th June
CCSCTBCContenderNed691Broadstairs SC032 15th June
CCSCTBCFireballKangarouge14101Castle Cove SC033 13th June
CCSCTBCPhantom Mr tickle1438Bowmoor 034 13th June
CCSCTBCContenderPrince of Darkness666Burton035 13th June
CCSCTBCOspreyRaposiera1264Tata Steel036 13th June
CCSCTBCContenderPocket BattleshipGBR 469Oxford SC037 12th June
CCSCTBCInternational 14Tartan Fraulein1523Itchenor Sailing Club038 12th June
CCSCTBCContenderFifi2410Portishead Yacht and Sailing Club039 12th June
CCSCTBCContenderWilly do it678RYA040 11th June
CCSCTBCContenderRaptorGBR2522Thorpe Bay Yacht Club041 11th June
CCSCTBCContenderWavelengthGBR 720RYA042 11th June
WSCTBCOspreyLuv Bites1343Weymouth Sailing Club043 10th June
WSCTBCLaser RadialKiwi193265Weymouth Sailing Club044 9th June
WSCTBCOspreyRenegade1088Weymouth045 9th June
WSCTBCCii byteTrlioByte2868Weymouth SC046 9th June
CCSCTBCMerlin RocketPanther3774Lyme Regis047 8th June
CCSCTBCOspreyStringbag1247Castle Cove SC048 6th June
WSCTBCLaserViking Gold 2197307Weymouth Sailing Club049 3rd June
CCSCTBCOspreyLight n Bitter1292Aldenham050 3rd June
CCSCTBCContenderFraid to Grey710Guernsey Yacht Club051 3rd June
CCSCTBCEnterpriseOut of the blue22901Midland Sailing Club052 1st June
CCSCTBCContenderGeneral LeeGBR 716Weston SC053 1st June
CCSCTBCContenderGreen Floaty ThingGBR 2465Datchet Water SC054 1st June
CCSCTBCContender..under consideration !685Hythe & Saltwood Sailing Club055 1st June
CCSCTBCDevotti D-one.419Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club056 1st June
CCSCTBCLaser Radial.203910Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club057 1st June
CCSCTBCPhantomLittle Bear1140Bowmoor SC058 1st June
CCSCTBCScorpionBottyburp the Barbarian 1936King George S C059 31st May
CCSCTBCContenderToo Darn Hot688Restronguet060 31st May
CCSCTBCContender****2439Highcliffe061 31st May
CCSCTBCRS100Ton Up228Castle Cove Sailing Club062 31st May
CCSCTBCScorpionHighway Star1981LSSC063 31st May
CCSCTBCContenderBonnie LassNED 3RYA064 31st May
CCSCTBCD-ZeroDude174South Cerney065 29th May
CCSCTBCOspreyJust Pogo1114Tata Steel066 29th May
CCSCTBCContenderFoxy LadyGBR 712King George SC067 29th May
CCSCTBCContenderDr JeepGBR 2484Castle Cove SC068 29th May
CCSCTBCCherubCool Beans3214Poole Yacht Club069 29th May
WSCTBCOspreyAble To1175Weymouth SC070 29th May
CCSCTBCContenderBit O WetGBR 2383Loch Ryan SC071 29th May
CCSCTBCContenderBDS-UK.COMGBR2496Oxford Sailing Club072 29th May
CCSCTBCContenderLast WaltzGBR2505Eastbourne Sovereign SC073 29th May
CCSCTBCRS100 8.4Lady Adrian492Castle Cove Sailing Club074 28th May
CCSCTBCContenderStormtrooper2572Chew valley SC075 28th May
CCSCTBCCherubLady Virginia of Keynsham (AKA Poppy)3216Thornbury on Chew076 28th May
CCSCTBCContenderHigh HopesGBR 2490Castle Cove SC077 28th May
CCSCTBCCherubMarmite3212Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club078 28th May
CCSCTBCCherubA+E3215Hayling Island079 27th May
CCSCTBCCherubUsagi Yojimbo3202Queen Mary SC080 27th May
CCSCTBCOspreyWhitestar1296Castle Cove081 26th May
WSCTBCMerlin RocketThe Fifth Element3607Weymouth Sailing Club082 26th May
CCSCTBCOspreySwift Wun1290Poole YC083 26th May
CCSCTBCContenderu-beautgbr2318Downs SC084 26th May
CCSCTBCScorpionCustard Tart1970ESC085 25th May
WSCTBCWayfarerBolton Wanderer10574Weymouth SC086 24th May
CCSCTBCEnterprisePure Logic22358Castle Cove Sailing Club087 24th May
CCSCTBCFireball---GBR14950Lyme Regis S.C.088 23rd May
CCSCTBCOspreyUzi Jane1316Prestwick089 23rd May
CCSCTBCOspreyCurved Air1338IOSSC090 23rd May
WSCTBCOspreyWhite Knuckles1281Weymouth SC091 23rd May
CCSCTBCPhantomOswald1430Lee on Solent SC092 23rd May
CCSCTBCOspreyTwelveninetyseven1297Marconi SC093 23rd May
CCSCTBCOspreyFiddlestix1340Shoreham Sailing Club 094 23rd May
CCSCTBCPhantomWally1433VR Race Team095 22nd May
CCSCTBCFireballBucaroo14844Small Heath YC096 22nd May
CCSCTBCFireballMillennium Falcon14889Thornbury Sailing Club097 22nd May
CCSCTBCMerlin RocketRaiatea3584Netley Sailing Club098 22nd May
CCSCTBCPhantomnico1435Northampton099 21st May
CCSCTBCPhantomMaud1346Northampton SC100 21st May
CCSCTBCPhantomspongebob1298Bowmoor SC101 21st May
CCSCTBCPhantomPhantom1305Alton Water SC102 21st May
CCSCTBCPhantomLast1378Rollesby Broad Sailing Club103 21st May
CCSCTBCPhantomPhoot spa1432Royal Harwich Yacht club104 21st May